Custodial Accounts

Equity Institutional offers Custodial Accounts for individuals, trusts, businesses and others to track and monitor all investments within the portfolio. In providing custodial accounts, Equity Trust Company, DBA Equity Institutional (formerly Sterling Trust), acts as the custodian but does not provide trustee or fiduciary services. For a low-cost alternative to banks and other custodial vendors, a custodial account offers the flexibility to diversify and hold a wide array of both public offerings and private placement investments within one account.

Non-Qualified Personal Custodial Services

Equity Institutional offers the ability to consolidate the holding of various assets for non-qualified custodial accounts. Individual investors and corporations now have a low-cost, convenient way to consolidate, monitor and track all investments within the portfolio.

An individual custodial account with Equity Institutional offers the same flexibility and reporting services as provided to retirement plans. Equity Institutional executes trades at the direction of the client or his/her designated representative, holds title to the assets as custodian, receives and processes periodic reports and earnings, and then summarizes this activity on quarterly account statements. At year-end, all tax reporting data is accumulated and this information is forwarded to clients for income tax return preparation purposes.

Equity Institutional offers unlimited investment options for self-directed investors. See our Investment Options page for more information.

Restrictions may apply based on the tax reporting requirements.

Equity Institutional will not perform a due diligence review and makes no determination as to the prudence or viability of any investment. You are urged to seek professional legal or tax advice prior to directing Equity Institutional to make such an investment.

Qualified Custodial Services

Equity Institutional also provides custodial-only services for qualified retirement accounts. This service is designed for employers, employees or financial advisors who are looking to diversify their or their client's existing qualified retirement plan without the obligation to move the entire account.

Employers are able to maintain their current document and administrative providers while allowing their participants to invest in more diversified investments. Employers also have the option of establishing a pooled account for the entire plan or establishing individual accounts for each participant.

Equity Institutional also provides tax reporting of distributions and state and/or federal withholding. Easy-to-read comprehensive account statements are generated every quarter and may be given to the third-party administrator to ensure proper record keeping.

For Businesses

Equity Institutional offers retirement solutions and government reporting services (including 1099 and 5498 form information) for small businesses. Whether you are a human resources manager, a small business owner in need of a retirement plan for your employees, or a self-employed contractor looking for a plan for you and your spouse, we can help.