The Facts Since the establishment of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in 1974, many custodians who offer retirement accounts have focused on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. As a result, many investors may have a misperception that traditional investments are the only options for retirement plans. The fact is that the Internal Revenue Code has permitted IRAs to include a broad range of non-traditional, or alternative, investments since professionals' ability to diversify client portfolios with non-traditional investments. 

With investors searching for new ways to diversify, many are turning to non-tradtional investments.

At Equity Institutional, our promise has always been to make it easy for financial professionals to include alternative investments in your client portfolios. We take the work and worry out of handling administrative details so that you can concentrate on your client.

When choosing a qualified custodian, you can feel comfortable offering your clients a variety of non-traditional options designed to help bridge the gap between traditional market returns and their retirement goals.

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