How will accounts be serviced
Our Unique Service Model

If you are an Investment Sponsor that is just learning about retirement accounts, rest assured that Equity Institutional can provide you with the support necessary to help you and your investors through the purchase process.  As of 2012, there are over $12.5 trillion in retirement assets*, and at Equity Institutional you’ll be working with a team that has been trained to understand your unique needs.

  • Single Point of contact: Relationship Manager Business model for Sponsors with ongoing capital raising needs.
  • Fees: Discounted fee schedule for your investors
  • Flexibility: Custodial solutions for most business structures: Limited Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations, etc.  Note: S Corporations may not be held in a retirement account.
*$5.2 trillion in IRA assets and $7.3 trillion in qualified plans assets.  Source:  Investment Company Institute.