How do I get approved on your platform?

  1. Documentation Required
  • Please submit the following items for review to:
    • Formation Document
      • LLC/Filed Articles
      • LP/Certificate of Limited Partnership
      • C-corp/Articles of Incorporation
    • Governing Document
      • LLC/Operating Agreement
      • LP/Limited Partnership Agreement
      • C-corp/By-Laws
    • Offering Document (if applicable)
      • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
      • Prospectus
    • Purchase Documents
      • Equity Offering = Subscription Agreement (if applicable)
      • Debt Offering = Promissory Note
      • Investor Questionnaire (if applicable)
      • Private Equity Representative Letter (PERL)- Equity Offering
      • Private Debt Representative Letter (PDRL)- Debt Offering
      • All exhibits/ addendums
      • Equity Institutional will provide you with an update on your review or confirmation that it has been accepted with 5-7 business days.
  1. Account Open Requirements
  • Please have your clients deliver the following items to:
    • Application
    • Transfer form  or Rollover check
    • Most recent account statement (If funding with transfer)
    • Equity Institutional will open the client’s account with 24 -72 hours and submit a transfer request to the current custodian.
  1. Fund Investment