Precious Metals Brokers

Gain access to a qualified custodian that understands the needs of you and your clients, giving them the ability to purchase precious metals within an IRA. 

Equity Institutional has more physical metal under custody than almost anyone in the industry.  We partner with Delaware Depository Service Company in Wilmington, Delaware for the storage and have a proven track record of quickly facilitating the purchase and sale of physical metals. 

Your clients will receive:

  • Access to a dedicated Precious Metals team that is expert in the details related to holding metals in an IRA
  • Flat annual fee
  • Flat rate annual storage fee
  • Coins held are securely stored in an insured account—with coins identified by type and year to allow for accurate reporting.
  • Secure custody of all coins is provided by one of the nation’s largest precious metals depositories, Delaware Depository Service Company.
  • Delaware Depository maintains a comprehensive “all risk” precious metals storage and shipping insurance coverage
  • Proof Coins are stored with all packaging and certificates
  • Online account access
  • Comprehensive quarterly account statements