Equity Trust Funds Endowed Scholarship to Support Community-Minded Students
March 2, 2018

Equity Trust has facilitated a donation to Baldwin Wallace University totaling nearly $1 million and endowed the Desich Family Community Impact Scholarship. The Scholarship fund will support BW students engaged in community service.

Gold Can offer Tax Advantages, But Know the Rules
Nov. 30, 2017

Precious metas in SDIRAs can offer compelling strategy for diversification-minded investors. However, seemingly bargain-priced "offshore gold IRA custody may delay timely asset retrieval." - SVP Jeff Kelley

"Westlake Company Sets Thanksgiving Record"

Nov. 21, 2017

In the spirit of giving thanks, Equity Trust employees are giving back. For the tenth year, associates baked 100 turkeys for a local church, which will distribute them to families in need. Employees also just concluded a food drive to aid local charities, collecting more than 27,000 food and personal hygiene items and $1,400, which the company matched.

In addition to our generous employees, we'd like to say thank you to our clients and vendors we happily work with throughout the year.

"Beyond the Fringe: The Evolution of Mainstream Alternative Investments"
Nov. 6, 2017

According to Jeff Kelley, senior vice president of Equity Institutional, "Managing payments, documentation and reporting can become more complicated in the world of alternatives. Qualified custodians in this area require an understanding of both complex transactions and tracking capabilities for both contributions and distributions."

"Thinking About Private Equity in a Retirement Portfolio? Read This First"

Oct. 23, 2017

"When it comes to private equity, investors and their advisors must take the time to really understand what they own...it's important for investors and advisors to undertake their own due diligence carefully," SVP Jeff Kelley. 

"Should You Invest Your I.R.A. in Friends, Family or Charitable Work?"
Oct. 6, 2017

Gifting an IRA is a big-hearted strategy favored by increasing numbers of investors. "We're hearing that our clients are excited to be making a difference in a local community in a way that they didn't know was possible," said Matt Wilson, CEO of Equity Trust Company.

"The Gold Standard"

Oct. 6, 2017

Senior Vice President Jeff Kelley discusses how precious metals can be invested in SDIRAs - and the importance of alt custody.

"The IRS allows self-directed IRAs to hold a variety of investments far beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds," SVP Jeff Kelley said.

"Millennials Set to Inherit"
August 10, 2017

"Addressing alternative investments with millennial investors during wealth transfers can be critical."

"Private Equity: A Chance for Retirees to Profit from a Career's Worth of Knowledge"
July 26, 2017

"Private equity grew from $30 billion in assets in 1995 to $4 trillion today - a growth rate of almost 28% a year, according to the 2016 SEI Private Equity Survey."

"For both investors and financial advisors, the importance of IRA rollover decisions keeps growing. When given the chance, 56% of workers show a clear preference for taking their retirement assets as a lump sum.

"Private Equity Going Mainstream?"
June 7, 2017

Article authored by SVP Jeff Kelley: "...through a self-directed IRA program, investors can gain access to the potential benefits of private equity on a tax-advantaged basis."

"How to Invest in Private Equity With A Self-Directed IRA"
April 7, 2017

"Investors should also be aware transactions involving certain individuals are verboten. That includes transactions between an IRA and disqualified persons, which covers fididuciaries, certain family members, and businesses that are controlled by the investor who owns the IRA or another disqualified person."

"Putting Alternatives into Tax-Exempt Vehicles"
Feb. 28, 2017


"Certain alternative assets and leveraged investments may produce unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), or, if debt financing is used, unrelated debt financing income (UDFI) when included in IRAs or other tax-exempt vehicles," SVP Jeff Kelley said.

"4 Tips for Completing IRA Rollovers the Right Way"
Jan. 25, 2017


"...according to US Tax Court records, the couple elected the indirect rollover option for their transactions. That's when things got complicated - and they earned a place in Tax Court history."

What Advisors Need to Know About Equity Crowfunding
Aug. 17, 2017


"...as a new alternative investment, equity crowdfunding may enjoy significant growth."
"Self-directed IRAs allow investors to diversify beyond traditional investments in stocks and bonds by adding alternative investments, such as ETFs, real estate, precious metals and private equity. Investors can even invest IRA funds in startups through crowdfunding websites."

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1)
June 18, 2015


"Stock prices have been rising for more than six years. Are you prepared if they start to fall?

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 2)
June 18, 2015


"If an asset class has a negative correlation with stocks, it typically will drop in value when stocks rise in value; conversely, it will likely rise in value when stocks drop."

Taming the Alt Juggernaut
May 7, 2015

"With alts under greater scrutiny than ever, investment professionals must be sensitive to the heightened concerns surrounding them," said SVP Jeff Kelley.

Crowdfunding: A New Frontier for Investors
May 6, 2015


"An early equity-based investment could result in a big return."

Six Ways that Human Advisors Kick Robo-Advisor Butt
Feb. 16, 2015

"It can't be denied that robo-advisors have found acceptance among a growing number of tech-friendly investors."

This Retirement Plan Can Be Sexier Than Normal With Alternative Assets
Dec. 29, 2014


"Using your IRA to invest in real estate, options, precious metals and small businesses is possble but complicated."

6 Ways to Lure Clients Graduating From Robo-Advisors
Nov. 24, 2014

"For advisors anxious about that rapid growth and seemingly stiff competition, there are some ways you can position your firm to take advantage of robo-advisors' boom in assets when investors outgrow the simple advice they provide and begin looking for something more sophisticated.